Reynella-Braeview is a large, successful club with classes held in the southern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia including Reynella, Happy Valley, Woodcroft and Morphett Vale. We are the highest achieving club south of the city with our Sub Junior, Junior and Intermediate teams in the Championship division, and Seniors in Division 1 - all achieving great results.

About Calisthenics

Calisthenics is a uniquely Australian sport although the word is derived from the ancient Greek words for beauty - “kallos” and strength - “thenos”. It combines dance, gymnastics, ballet, marching, apparatus (Clubs and Rods) and singing. Teams learn about 6 routines of approximately 3 to 4 minutes choreographed to music, which are then presented in full costume at annual competitions held in a theatre.

In addition to team work, participants can also compete in Solo, Duo and Graceful competitions. Calisthenics teaches poise and grace, flexibility, strength and control and expression of the face and body. It also promotes teamwork, discipline, commitment and friendship.

In SA, girls and boys can start Calisthenics as a Tinie at three years of age and continue the sport all the way up to Masters. In addition to competing at club level there are also opportunities for participants to audition for the National teams, chosen by CASA.

The following video by Angry Turtle Productions is a documentary that followed three Victorian Junior elite teams through a year of competitions and is a beautiful representation of the sport.


Club Sponsors

Reynella-Braeview Calisthenics would like to thank it's proud sponsors:

Marg & Adrian Allen

We appreciate your contribution to our club!