Any person over 18 years of age who has given distinguished service to Reynella-Braeview for a minimum of 10 years is eligible to be considered for life membership. Life members must be nominated by three quarters of the committee and approved by the majority.

All persons at the club for 10 years receive a 10 year badge and members automatically receive life membership after 15 years. Life members are also recognised by the club with a life membership badge.

Reynella Braeview Calisthenics Life Members

Tabitha Adams
Margaret Allen
Janny Brigden
Taya Brigden
Chris Burgan
Natalie Burgan
Rachel Burgan
Paula Dowley
Kimberley Doyle
Renee Edwards
Val Edwards
Natalie Fleming
Milli Freeman
Jenny Hampton
Joy Hampton
Brittany Memmler
Leonie Merkel
Ruby Roberts
Jan Rodgers
Carolyn Ryan
Jade Ryan
Jasmin Ryan
Jess Sage
Lyn Smart
Rebekah Smart
Jill Smith
Lacey Smith
Shona Stanford
Vanessa Stone
Madeleine Wells