Natalie Fleming

Nat, our dedicated and fiercely loyal head coach has been with Reynella-Braeview for 27 years after starting calisthenics in 1986. During her time as a competitor she represented the State on two occasions and also competed with the Australian Drill Dance Team in South Africa in 2001.

Nat began coaching with Reynella-Braeview in 2004 and has also been an assistant coach to the National Teams on three occasions in 2010, 2011 and 2013. She became the head coach of Reynella-Braeview in 2012 and has been very successful during her years at the club.

One of Nat’s coaching highlights is the 2011 Sub-Junior 1 team which won the CASA comps with five firsts. The following year, the whole team bar one girl went up and the new Sub-junior team was very raw. However that team worked so hard and came second for 2012. For Nat this is what coaching is all about; “Coaching is hard work, its tiring and sometimes you wonder if it’s all worth it, but when that little team gets up and you see how far they have come, it’s absolutely worth it”.

Jenny Hampton

Jenny is a life member of Reynella-Braeview, having started calisthenics in 1983, giving her 32 years of experience as a competitor and coach. Jenny coached her first team in 1996 and has also been an assistant coach of SA teams in 1998, 1999 and 2000. Jenny has enjoyed many successes with her teams and as a solo/duo/graceful coach.

Robyn Middleton

Robyn began calisthenics at the age of four and has now been involved for 26 years. She has represented the state on eight occasions and has been successful at state, club and solo level. She has also been successful in sports aerobics, medalling on each of the three occasions she competed in the National competitions.

Robyn began coaching in 2009 and joined Reynella-Braeview in 2011. She has been assistant coach for SA state teams on three occasions and coached the 2016 Junior state team. She has also coached many successful soloists who have gained places in the Championship division.

Bec Burton

Junior 1 Coach & Intermediate co-coach

Mandy Selke

Intermediate co-coach

Megan Naylor

Starting out as a Tinie in 1994, Megan has been involved in calisthenics for 21 years. She was selected for the Ballarat team on six occasions and also made the Senior National team in 2009. She is a member of our Senior team. Megan’s coaching career began in 2008 with Tinies and has now also coached Sub-junior, Junior and Intermediate teams. In 2012 and 2013 Megan was the Assistant coach of the Darwin Development team and is the current 2014 Coach of the Junior Purple Darwin Development Team.

Megan has been with Reynella-Braeview for seven years and feels so much pride every time her girls step out onto the stage. “It gives me great pride seeing the improvement from the start of the year, through to the end. There is no better feeling than seeing your team enjoying themselves, and seeing their face when they have accomplished a new skill."

Jess Sage

Jess is a club life member after starting calisthenics at 2 years of age and has been competing for 25 years. 21 of those years have been with Reynella-Braeview. Jess has been a very successful competitor and has also represented the State on four occasions as a member of the Champ team.

The lessons learned as a competitor are now helping her as a coach to inspire others as she herself was inspired. “My Graceful coach and I had worked together for over seven years, without a mention and then to win the championship section was a dream come true. It has been the highlight of my career and taught me to never give up, love what you do and do what makes you happy”.

Toni-Louise Barnes

Toni-Louise started calisthenics as a Junior in 2002 and has been involved as a pupil and a coach for the past 17 years.

Toni-Louise started assisting teams at the age of 14, and coaching solos and a team at 17 years of age. Toni has been mentored by some of SA's most respected Adjudicators. She has represented South Australia as a coach in Royal South Street Championships, and assisted teams and coached soloists in multiple National Championships. As well as representing South Australia as a coach, Toni has been a competitor in National and Royal South Street Championships, and competed as a team member and Graceful Girl soloist on two occassions, gaining 3rd place as an Intermediate. 

She has many proud moments as a coach, amongst them being her Junior soloist competitor winning the National Championship title in 2017, winning team aggregates, and watching the girls improve throughout the year.


Alexandra Cormack

Alex has been competing in calisthenics for 18 years and this is her 9th year at Reynella Braeview. She is a current member of our senior team and has represented South Australia in the Darwin teams twice, in 2010 and 2011.

Alex became a coach because she wanted to pass on her love of calisthenics. Her favourite part of coaching is witnessing the girls' improvement throughout the year and seeing them come off stage proud and happy with themselves.

Alex has coached both Sub Junior and Junior age groups and her proudest moment as a coach was when her Junior 2 team won the aggregate at State Championships in 2016.

Renee Smith

Renee began calisthenics at Reynella-Braeview in 2000 and is a current member of our Seniors team. Renee recently obtained her level one coaching credentials and is the coach of our youngest Tinies team. She loves having the opportunity to teach these young girls and “makes sure they have fun and enjoy Cali as much as I have over the years."

Jessica Mckinlay

Jess started Calisthenics at Reynella Braeview at the age of five in 2001. Jess has represented the state on three different occasions with the Darwin Development Teams in 2011, 2012 as an intermediate and 2013 as a senior. She has also done 10 gracefuls and a few solos over her time being a competitor.

Jess started her coaching in 2015 and is very passionate about seeing the young children develop their skills and loves seeing the girl’s improvement throughout the year.

Shae Benton

Shae has been a competitor in calisthenics for the last 17 years and has been a part of the Reynella Braeview family for the past 3 years. She has represented the state for Nationals in 2007 and 2008, and has also competed in the prestigious Royal South Street competition in Ballarat on 4 occassions. During her time in calisthenics Shae has crossed the stage performing numerous solo, duo and graceful items with successful placings. It is this commitment to her sport that saw Shae proudly accept the Mayoral award twice at her previous club.

Shae has been demonstrating since 2014 in Tinies, Sub Junior, Junior and Intermediate Championship section teams, all of which have been highly successful. This year she will be coaching her first team of Sub Junior 3 and is "super excited to learn and grow while giving back to the sport I love".

Milli Freeman

Milli began calisthenics at Reynella-Braeview at just three years of age and now has 17 years of experience as a competitor, including representing SA in the Sub-Junior Champ team in 2003. She is a current member of our senior team and a life member. Milli began coaching her first Tinies team this year and has already achieved places at the Innovation Tinies Competitions. 

Kimberley Doyle

Kimberley started calisthenics at Reynella Braeview at 3 years of age. During her calisthenics life she has represented SA competing at national level on 4 occasions, and has been part of 2 winning National Teams. She has also represented SA at Nationals in the duo competition where she placed 2nd. Kimberley has competed at State Championship level in numerous solo and graceful competitions over the years and won the the State Solo Championship competition as a Junior.

She has a true passion for dance and has been involved with 3 dance schools where she has learnt all styles of dance. At age 13 she began demonstrating and has done so for Tinies, Sub Junior, Junior and Intermediate sections. This led to a coaching career which began in 2016 co-coaching Tinies, and going on to coach Sub Junior 3. Today Kimberley is a life member at our club, a valued member of our Senior team, coaches solo and graceful participants, and is assisting with our Intermediate team.